The WCOA is the original Weyakwin Lake Cottage Owners Association and was incorporated and registered on November 18, 1980.  

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Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)

Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)

The WCOA is the original Cottage Owners Association established in Ramsey Bay / Weyakwin Lake  on November 18, 1980


Memberships in the WCOA are  $20 per cabin and are available

from any Executive Member or by sending a check to:


Box 68

Weyakwin, SK    

S0J 1W0

Ramsey Bay Memorial Site info link

​Plaques can be purchased by friends or family of deceased cottage owners at a cost of $30 per plaque.

​Please use our contact form on this website if you wish to order a plaque to be placed on the Memorial Site board.

Financial Information:

NMS Financial Statement for Ramsey Bay 2013

NMS Financial Statement for Ramsey Bay 2014

NMS Balance Sheet for Ramsey Bay to December 31, 2014 (includes hall amortization)

2014 WCOA Financial Statement

2014 WCOA Financial Statement  (Fall Meeting) - Appendix C.PDF

2015 WCOA Financial Statement

2015 WCOA Financial Statement (Fall Meeting)

Meeting Minutes:

May 2015 WCOA Annual General Meeting Minutes

May 2014 WCOA Annual General Meeting Minutes

NMS Minutes from June 24, 2014 Joint Meeting (NMS, RBCOA and WCOA)

2014  WCOA Fall Meeting

2015 WCOA Fall Meeting

General Information:

February 17, 2015 Letter from Brad Henry, Executive Director, Northern Municipal Services (NMS)

WCOA Constitution.PDF

WCOA President's Report - May 2015

WCOA President's Report - Fall 2015

WCOA President's Report - May 2016

WCOA President's Report - Fall 2016

WCOA Hall Usage/Rental Policy and Application 2016.PDF

The following individuals are serving as volunteers in the various positions as noted below:​

WCOA Executive Position:

​President - Carol Rowan

Vice President - Duane Hearn

Secretary - Heather Kuiack

Treasurer - Sandra Messett

Member at Large - Leo Lefaivre

Member at Large - Wendy Mills

Member at Large - Greg Melvin

Member at Large - Steve Wawryk

Road Committee - Bill Tuttroen

Certified and Practising First Responders at Ramsey Bay:

Norma Harder (Wolf Place)

Michelle Dament (Otter Crescent)

Gail Derbowka (Fisher Place)

Remember to always call 911 when you need assistance for any emergency.

911 staff will get the appropriate available help and equipment to your location based on your emergency.

Memorial Site Plaques - Sandra Messett

Hall Booking & Custodian - Elsie Wiggins