Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)

The WCOA is the original Weyakwin Lake Cottage Owners Association and was incorporated and registered on November 18, 1980.  

For a copy of our constitution CLICK HERE.

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Welcome to Ramsey Bay and Weyakwin Lake, Sask.


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Weyakwin/Ramsey Bay Landfill


Landfill Fees and Hours of Operation​​


 WCOA Fundraisers:

 "Second Helping" Cookbook

We submitted 438 recipes to the cookbook publisher. Our thanks to everyone who provided recipes. The Ramsey Bay "Second Helping" cookbook would make a great gift for friends and/or family and is priced at $10.

Ramsey Bay/Weyakwin Lake T- Shirts:

Adult sizes - $20 each

Children and Youth - $15 each

Ramsey Bay Tank Tops for Men and Women - $15 each

(These cookbooks and shirts will be available for sale at our July, August and September long weekend events).


(Coordinators: Marian Uytterhagen and Marie Patterson)

WOLF (also Lakeview) - Cheryl Harnett 663-4105

Marten - Debbie Schultz 663-4604

Squirrel - Pat Tuttroen 663-5861

Ermine - Elaine Shelton 663-5658 / Sharon Friesen

Lynx - Eileen Rempel 663-5638

Fisher - Wendy Mills 663-5863

Otter (also Fox) - Sandra Bearden 663-5143

Beaver - west side (also Chipmunk) - Elsie Wiggins 663-4787

Beaver - west side (also Bobcat) Blake Byers 227-1384

Porcupine (also Beaver to Mink) - Marie Patterson 663-5650

Mink (also Beaver to Bobcat) - Carole Kirychuk 663-5836


Hall Rental Rates Are as Follows:

Hall Rental --- (Complete - includes kitchen and equipment, bar & cooler and gas BBQs)

$100 --- Cottage Owner or Associated Group short term event

$200 per day ---- Cottage Owner or Associated Group

$300 per day ---- Non - Cottage Owner or Group

A refundable security deposit is charged to all users and renters outside of WCOA hosted events. The hall usage/rental application is pages 5 and 6 of our Hall Policy and is also available by contacting our custodian, Elsie Wiggins at 306 663-4787

Hall Usage Policy and Application link



Changes have been implemented at our shared landfill, effective February 1, 2018.

The household garbage pit is now closed and bins to hold bagged garbage and recylables have been placed at the landfill site. The two bins for bagged household garbage are for use by residents and property owners from the hamlet and resort subdivision. The third bin at the landfill is for property owners from the resort subdivision to use for items that can be recycled. Please click on the links below to learn what items can be placed in the recycle bin and the proper process for their disposal. (Please ensure all recyclable food and other plastic containers are clean before placing them in the recycle bin to avoid contaminating the paper and cardboard items).

2018 Recyclable Material Chart link

2018 Recyclable Material List link