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Weyakwin Lake Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)


- Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club (RBSC)

The Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA) is proud to support the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club (RBSC) an important part of our cottage community.  Incorporated on December 10, 2001 their website can be found at  The snowmobile club hosts several events at Ramsey Bay each year over the winter months.

Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club Trail Map HERE

- Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport (PCS),culture,heritage & sport

- Boat Dock Application/Registration Use Permit

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Parks Division has undergone a reorganization which saw the North Park Area and the Prince Albert Area join to form the Northeast Park Region. With this reorganization, the administration of Ramsey Bay, Weyakwin Lake Recreation Site has been transferred to Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.

Sonnet McGuire, Park Manager of Great Blue Heron Provincial Park, is our contact for Park Land related issues, including tree removal and dock permits. She works out of the office at Christopher Lake. Phone: (306) 982-6280 /

Main Park Office:

Phone (306) 982-6250 

Fax (306) 982-6260 

Box 66

Christopher Lake, SK

S0J 0N0

Water Security Agency: Link to Website

- Permit requirements for Septic Disposal by non commercial haulers (see links attached below):


Liquid Domestic Waste Disposal Permission

This form should be completed by the owner of the lagoon or a landowner, if the disposal method is by land. Disposal by land is only allowed if there is no sewage lagoon or no agreement can be reached with the owner of the lagoon within 50 KM radius of your community.

- Ministry of Environment 

Hon. Dana Skoropad, Minister

Room 340, Legislative Building

2405 Legislative Drive

Regina, SK S4S 0B3


Phone: 306 787-0393

Fax: 306 787-1669

- Ministry of Government Relations

Hon. Don McMorris, Minister

Room 306, Legislative Building

2405 Legislative Drive

Regina, SK S4S 0B3


Phone: 306 787-7326

Fax: 306 787-0399

- Northern Municipal Services - Our Administrators (under the Ministry of Government Relations)

1328 La Ronge Ave (Room 2400, Mistasinihk Place)

Box 113

La Ronge, SK


Toll free phone: 1-800-663-1555 or 306 425-4330

Mr. Brad Henry, Executive Director - Email: 

Sakaw Askiy Management Inc. - (Sustainable Forest Management licensee of the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement FMA)

- Weyakwin Lake Bathymetric Depth Map HERE