The WCOA is the original Weyakwin Lake Cottage Owners Association and was incorporated and registered on November 18, 1980.  

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Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)

Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club (RBSC)

The Weyakwin Cottage Owners Association (WCOA) is proud to support the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club (RBSC) an important part of our cottage community.  Incorporated on December 10, 2001 their website can be found at  The snowmobile club hosts several events at Ramsey Bay each year over the winter months.

Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club Trail Map.PDF

Northern Hamlet of Weyakwin:

Clerk - Tianna Brahniak - WORK - 1 (306) 663-5820

​                                           CELL - 1 (306) 930-3342

Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport (PCS) -

Boat Dock Application/Registration - ​ Use Permit

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Parks Division has undergone a reorganization which saw the North Park Area and the Prince Albert Area join to form the Northeast Park Region.With this reorganization, the administration of Ramsey Bay, Weyakwin Lake Recreation Site has been transferred to Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.

Sonnet McGuire, Park Manager of Great Blue Heron Provincial Park, is our contact for Park Land related issues, including tree and dock permits. She works out of the office at Christopher Lake. Phone: (306) 982-6280 /

Main Park Office: (306) 982-6250

May, 2018 letter and foreshore permit application mailout to property owners and lessees from Parks

Sakaw Askiy Management Inc. - (Sustainable Forest Management licensee of the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement FMA)