Weyakwin Lake Cottage Owners Association (WCOA)



There are two AEDs within our community for use in an emergency.

 First AED: Ramsey Bay Community Hall vestibule off of the south end of Otter Crescent.

Second AED: Sheldon and Pat Friesen cabin/garage at Lakeview by the Main Boat Launch (Blue cabin)

Trained first aid responders

We have three members in our community identified as first aid responders. They have a first aid kit on hand which includes (info to be updated), and they are willing to assist members of the community as needed, when avaiable.
Contact information for these individuals is as follows: 

Lynda Fyrk - Lot #3 Blk 15 Beaver Cresent  (306) 961-1914

Jackie Longworth - Lot  #3 Blk 9 Fisher  (306) 260-4814

Penny Koehn - Lot #7 Blk 5 Wolf (306) 222-6006

Fire protection

Community siren (info coming)

Future fire plans and protection (info coming)

Remember to always call 911 when you need assistance for any emergency. First responders are notified this way
911 staff will get the appropriate available help and equipment to your location based on your emergency.